Citizen Complaint Process

Police officers are sworn to protect the rights of all citizens regardless of race, age, sex, nationality, religious, or political preference. This applies to those who are taken into police custody, as well. The men and women of the North Kansas City Police Department take this charge seriously, and for that reason, we have adopted internal safeguards to ensure our proper use of authority.

Complaints regarding allegations of misconduct are vigorously investigated. If you feel an employee of this Department has acted in an unprofessional or improper manner toward you or others, I encourage you to bring this to our attention.

Our goal is to provide you with quality police service. You help us improve and perpetuate that goal when you report poor police performance to us.

It is the policy of the North Kansas City Police Department to take all complaints seriously regarding service provided by this department and the conduct of its employees. The Department will accept and address all complaints of employee misconduct in accordance with policy and applicable Federal, State and Local law, Municipal and County rules. It is also the policy of this Department to insure that the community served can report misconduct without concern of reprisal or retaliation.

The North Kansas City Police Department views all citizen complaints against its employees very seriously, and actively pursues investigations into misconduct. For this reason, it is important for us to ensure that your complaint is based on fact. False reporting in an attempt to unjustly subject a police employee to undeserved discipline, or place his/her employment in jeopardy, can result in criminal charges and/or civil suit.

Any citizen who witnesses or has direct knowledge of police misconduct may file a complaint with the North Kansas City Police Department. The citizen does not need to have been personally involved to do so.

You should file a complaint whenever you witness behavior by any Department employee that is contrary to Department policy, is a violation of City, State or Federal law.

The on-duty shift supervisor is responsible for receiving complaints. The goal of the supervisor in the complaint process is to resolve issues between citizens and officers. This occurs through effective communication with both parties to obtain facts of the incident and to clarify any misunderstandings. If the complaint involves a supervisor, then a higher-ranking officer will receive the complaint.

If you do not feel comfortable discussing the matter in person, you may complete the online Citizen Complaint Form.  Paper copies are available at the police station upon request. 

NOTE: Allegations of a serious nature will require a personal meeting at some point during the investigative process.

Department supervisors are charged with the maintenance of discipline and with overseeing the conduct of employees who
they are responsible for supervising. A supervisor will interview you and any other witnesses. Information that must be included in the statement are the date, time, place and details of the incident. If a supervisor is unable to resolve the issue, the complaint will be forwarded to the Division Commander for resolution or further investigation. Depending on the seriousness of the investigation be may conducted by another supervisor, command staff member, or another police agency.

You will receive correspondence from the Chief of Police upon the conclusion of a formal investigation that outlines the facts of the complaint, applicable rules or laws that apply, and the finding of your complaint. Due to personnel laws governing employee privacy rights, you will not be apprised of the exact discipline of a Department employee.

Courteous and professional police service, coupled with a prompt and objective response to complaints, is an intrinsic feature of our organization. The North Kansas City Police Department enjoys an excellent service record. It is our hope that your contacts with our employees are positive, and if not, we will endeavor to resolve your complaint. Of course, we would like to hear from you when we have provided you with commendable service, too!

Online Citizen Complaint Form

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