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Permits are required for a wide range of projects and activities in North Kansas City. We know that choosing the correct permit, or even knowing if you need a permit, can be a confusing task. All of the permits are listed below with links to more information and the permit applications. If you have any questions about which permit you may need, please call the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006.

Permits completed online can be emailed to permits@nkc.org. Permits completed on paper can be delivered in person, or mailed, to the Community Development Department on Floor 2 of City Hall at 2010 Howell Street.
 International Codes Currently Adopted
 2018 International Building Code  2018 International Fuel Gas Code
 2018 International Existing Building Code  2018 International Property Maintenance Code
 2018 International Fire Code  2018 International Energy Conservation Code
 2018 International Residential Code  2017 A117.1 Accessible & Usable Buildings & Facilities
 2018 International Mechanical Code  2017 National Electrical Code-NFPA 70 (NEC)
 2018 International Plumbing Code 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Building Permits
A building permit is generally required for all projects except:
  • One-story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area is not greater than 120 square feet.
  • Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work.
  • Swings and other playground equipment accessory to detached one– and two– family dwellings.
Our detailed Building Permit Guide should answer most questions and will guide you through the application process. Please call the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006 for additional information.

Application Additional Documents
Garage Sale Permit

Any household wishing to host a garage sale must apply for a permit prior to the date of the sale. A household is limited to two (2) permits per year, including the participation in a neighborhood sale. Each individual involved in a neighborhood or group sale must complete and sign form. The cost of the permit is $3.
Garage sale permits may be submitted by email to jalt@nkc.org.
Neighborhood Block Party Grants

North Kansas City residents may now apply for a grant to host a neighborhood block party. Each grant will reimburse eligible expenses up to $200 per event. Eligible expenses include food, paper goods and entertainment/performers. Ineligible expenses include alcohol, tent and stage/riser rentals.  Block parties must be approved by the City Council by means of a short-term conditional use permit. Neighborhoods
may receive the block party grant once per year. Receipts must be turned into the Community Development Department for reimbursement.  For questions about the Neighborhood Block Party Grant, please contact  the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006.

Email application to msummers@nkc.org.

Alarm Permit
All business and households with a monitored alarm system need to apply for an alarm permit. This is so that the Police Department can keep up to date with owner contact information and the associated monitoring company. There is no cost to obtain an alarm permit. Alarm permit applications may be emailed to mpmcnamee@nkc.org, printed and faxed to 816-221-0432 to the attention of Michael McNamee, or printed and mailed to NKCPD, Michael McNamee, 2020 Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116. Once your application has been processed you will receive a copy in the mail that will contains your assigned permit number.
Liquor License Permit

Please visit our Liquor License page for information how to obtain a liquor license.

Taxi Permit
Any individual or company that operates a taxi service within the city limits must obtain a taxi permit. Taxi permits are obtainable on Thursdays only, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  To obtain a taxi permit, you must have a valid chauffeur’s license, a completed application, a copy of a physical examination received within the last two years and two written personal references from persons who have known you at least six months.  The references must be signed and dated.  Application forms are available in the police department lobby, or you may complete and print the online application prior to coming in.  The cost for a taxi permit is $30.00 (cash only). Permits are valid for two years. 
Sign Permit

The City of North Kansas City regulates signs in an effort to provide adequate means of expression and to promote the economic viability of the business community, while preventing a proliferation of signs of a type, size, location and character that would adversely impact the community.

Signs are also regulated in order to ensure compliance with minimum construction standards as well as confirming that the sign does not present any public safety issues. Along with protecting property values by ensuring that signs are compatible with the surrounding properties, this process also allows for the safe and free flow of traffic and eliminates the potential for a new sign to block access to a pre-existing sign.

The sign permit guide will tell you when you need a sign permit, the types of sign are permitted as well as the types of signs that are prohibited. For more information contact the Community Development Department at 816-724-6006.

Sign permit application and associated plans may be emailed to tfaletagoai@nkc.org

Special Event Permit / Short Term Conditional Use Permit
A Special Event Permit or Short Term Conditional Use Permit is required if a a property is going to be used for something other than its intended use. Please call the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006 for more information.

Temporary Caterer's Permit
A Temporary Catering Permit is required for a company selling/serving alcohol outside their location within the city limits of North Kansas City.  Example would be someone having a wedding event in NKC and they have hired XYZ Catering for their open bar, XYZ Catering would need to obtain a Temporary Caterer’s Permit in order to sell and serve alcohol.

The applicant must acquire and submit a State Liquor License for the event with application and fee of $10 per day.

Excavation Permit

An Excavation Permit must be obtained before any construction or installation requiring excavation within the city right-of-way can be done.  Excavation permits require sufficient drawings, plans and specifications, along with a $1000 surety bond in place and a $50 permit fee. Excavation permit applications and associated plans may be email to jalt@nkc.org

Driveway Permit

If a household or business wishes to install a new driveway, private street or curb opening, then the interested party would apply by completing both an excavation permit and a driveway permit.  Engineering drawings are required to be submitted with the permit applications. The cost is $25 for the Driveway Permit and $50 Excavation Permit.  A Surety Bond of $1000 is not required unless the project involves moving utilities.  Final approval is made by the City Council.

If a household or business wishes to repair or replace an existing driveway without changing the original design, only an excavation permit is required, since the construction will include the City right-of-way. 
Demolition Permit

If you are planning a project which requires demolition or tearing down any structure on your property, you will likely need a demolition permit.  To apply for a demolition permit, you will need to fill out a Building Permit application and check RAZING as the type of project. You will also need to submit construction documents and a schedule for demolition to the Community Development Department. The cost for the permit depends on the total valuation of the cost for demolition. Applying for demolition permit can be confusing if you are not a contractor or construction expert so you are encouraged to contact the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006 for assistance. Applications and associated plans may be emailed to permits@nkc.org

For more information about the regulations regarding asbestos, set forth by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, please visit the following websites:

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)
The CO helps businesses protect personnel, visitors, and their belongings by seeing that a building will accommodate the intended use type, occupant load and product type. Consideration of appropriate safety/planning issues are determined by standards in national building/fire codes and local zoning ordinances.

A CO permit is required for all new building occupants when there is a change in the type of use or after significant modifications have been made to a structure, including exits, demising wall, etc. In most instances, new occupants or potential occupants can find out very early on if the project they are planning will be a permissible use, needs any physical improvements or requires an issuance of a new CO.  

Please consult our Certificate of Occupancy Guide or call the Community Development Department at 816-274-6006. The cost of a new CO is a onetime flat fee of $40.00 Applications may be emailed to permits@nkc.org
Fire Suppression/ Fire Alarm Permit
A Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm permit is required before you install or upgrade a fire suppression system or fire alarm system.
Email application to firemarshal@nkc.org

The City works with The Compliance Engine for fire alarm and suppression testing and reporting. Your inspection company can register with The Compliance Engine here.

Water and Sewer Connection Permit
A Water and Sewer Connection permit is required anytime a property owner needs a new tap into the City's water or sewer main. Once the application is submitted and approved, a representative of the City will contact you. Email application to permits@nkc.org.

Operating Permit
An Operating Permit is required for the hazardous operations or the storage of hazardous materials. It is complicated and only required in unique situations. For more information please contact the North Kansas City Fire Marshal at 816-412-8003
Massage Establishment Permit

No person shall operate a massage establishment without first having obtained a massage establishment permit. For more information please refer to Section 5.32 of the Code of the City of North Kansas City. 

  • Massage Establishment Permit Application

  • Massage Establishment Renewal Permit

    Massage Establishment Permits are valid January 1 through December 31. Permits must be renewed by January 1, of each calendar year.   This renewal permit application will request any updated information your business may need to document.  There is no additional cost for the renewal.  

    Massage Employee Permit

    Any person employed as a massage therapist, whether a part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary employee or independent contractor, in any establishment must apply for and maintain a valid employee permit.  For more information, please refer to Section 5.32 of the Code of the City of North Kansas City.    

  • Massage Employee Permit Application

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