Public Safety Sales Tax

On Tuesday, April 4th, North Kansas City voters will be asked to consider establishing a sales tax dedicated for public safety purposes. In the following video, Fire Chief Gary Fisher answers questions about the sales tax. Hopefully this video and the information below will help you become informed about this important ballot issue. Click here for a printable brochure of this information.

Question: What is the sales tax about?

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, the City’s General Fund revenues were severely impacted. In 2011, the City took steps to reduce its General Fund expenditures by substantially reducing its staffing. Since expenditures in Public Safety (Fire and Police) comprise approximately 74% of General Fund expenditures, efforts necessarily had to focus on this area, particularly in the Police Department, where the force was reduced by six police officers and two civilian positions. Despite these efforts, the City has continued to run a budgeted deficit each year. The 2017 budget projects a deficit of over $686,000. 


If approved by City voters, six police officers and a full-time records unit would be restored to the Police Department. Three additional firefighters would be added to the Fire Department roster. A Management Analyst would also be added to the Fire Department to assist with the department becoming nationally accredited, with grant writing and with other analytical and administrative tasks.


Question: Is this a new tax?

Question: How much will the tax raise?
It is estimated that the half-cent Public Safety Sales Tax would raise $1,700,000 in Fiscal Year 2018.

Question: When is the new tax paid?
When someone makes a retail purchase within the City of North Kansas City, an additional 1/2 cent will be added to the sales tax portion of the purchase. For example, on a $100 purchase, an additional 50 cents would be charged.

Question: When would the tax go into effect?
October 1, 2017.

Question: Do other cities have Public Safety Sales Taxes?

bullet Gladstone, ¼ cent,- legislation allowed up to ½ cent
bullet Excelsior Springs, ½ cent
bullet Liberty, ¼ cent for Fire
bullet Blue Springs, ½ cent
bullet Raytown, ½ cent
bullet Independence, Police 1/8 cent, Fire 1/8 cent
bullet Kansas City, Police ¼ cent, Fire ¼ cent

Question: Doesn’t the city receive significant funds from Harrah’s Casino? Why is another tax necessary?
The City does receive substantial revenue from the presence of Harrah’s. It has been a long-term city financial policy to use funds from gaming revenues for investments such as capital projects, infrastructure, and redevelopment opportunities for the City. In this way, the City will not be reliant on gaming revenues were they to somehow end or reduce in the future.

Sales Tax Rates

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Shall the City of North Kansas City, Missouri, impose a citywide sales tax at a rate of one-half of one percent for the purpose of improving the public safety of the city?

checkbox YES
checkbox NO

If you are in favor of the question, place an “X” in the box opposite “YES.” If you are opposed to the question, place an “X” in the box opposite “NO.”

What does a “Yes” or “No” vote mean?
The ballot language is phrased in such a way that:
A “Yes” vote is a vote to authorize the tax.
A “No” vote is a vote to not authorize the tax.

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Click here if you would like a printable brochure of this information. 

How to Register to Vote

  • A resident who is at least 18 years or older may register to vote at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall.
  • Check out the  Clay County Election Board's website at www.claycoelections.com for more information on where to register and upcoming elections
  • Also check the Missouri Secretary of State's website at www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/register for complete voting and election information in Missouri.

For additional questions or information about the Public Safety Sales Tax, please contact Michael Smith, Assistant City Administrator at 412-7814 or mbsmith@nkc.org.

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