Engineering Services Armour Road Complete Street -- RFQ

RFQ Engineering Services Armour Road Complete Street

Posted on: 2017/12/22

The City of North Kansas City is seeking Qualification Statements from engineering firms to provide engineering design services for public infrastructure improvements for Armour Road from Fayette Street to Ozark Street consistent with the adopted Armour Road Complete Street Implementation Plan. 
The Armour Road Complete Street Implementation Plan is a conceptual plan for improvements to Armour Road from Burlington to Ozark to accentuate and enhance the overall character of the City while accommodating all forms of transportation. The plan divides the corridor into three zones – Downtown, Transition, and Commercial. Improvements budgeted for 2018 include complete street improvements to the Transition and Commercial Zones of the adopted plan; the City has budgeted $480,000 for this project, including engineering services and construction. Improvements to the Downtown zone and improved public spaces illustrated in the plan such as Caboose Park are not part of this project. The Transition and Commercial Zones of the corridor total approximately 0.6 miles in length and the right-of-way varies from a width of approximately 96 feet to approximately 103 feet.  
The Armour Road corridor is characterized by predominately commercial land uses, from the auto oriented uses of the commercial zone closest to Interstate 29/35 to the pedestrian oriented uses of the downtown zone on the west end near Burlington. The corridor includes several community assets and open spaces, such as the North Kansas City YMCA and Dagg Park, and residential uses are located along the corridor and in close proximity. The ultimate vision for Armour Road between Burlington and Ozark is a corridor that is safe, serves all users, incorporates sustainable measures, is visually appealing, and is economically vibrant. 

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Q & A Addendum - January 19, 2018


Deadline for Submissions: 02/01/2018

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